Board of Directors

The APT US&C Nominating Committee is accepting applications to serve on the Board of Directors. Serving on the Board of Directors is an excellent way to contribute to the continued growth of the organization.  You will increase your involvement with the organization while also expanding your network of contacts from around the U.S. and Canada.  Click here for an application to serve on the Board of Directors.

Standing Committees (By-Laws)

  • Advisory Committee:
    Bob Ponkilla, Immediate Past President
    Sub-Committees: Nominations, Dr. Jackson R. E. Phillips Award, APT US&C Service Award, Past Presidents' Scholarship Raffle, State Associations, Canadian Relations, and Scholarship Award.

  • Executive Committee:
    Chair: Kenneth Robinson, President
    Sub-Committees: Finance, Legislation, Policy & Planning, and Resolution.

  • Membership Committee:
    Chair: Julie Silbernagel
    Sub-Committees: Recruit and Retain, Mentoring, and New Member Orientation.


  • CMAC (Corporate Member Advisory Council) Committee:
    Chair: David T. Maccagnone
    Sub-Committees: Vendor Relations.

  • Conference Program Committee:
    Chair: Clint Lichtenwalter, Vice-President
    Sub-Committees: Networking, Local, and Sponsorship and Exhibitors.

  • Marketing and Communications Committee:
    Chair: Cindi Gamb
    Sub-Committees: Newsletter, Webinars, Web site, and Brochures.

  • Policy Certification Committee:
    Chair: Vicki Kitchen
    Sub-Committees: Investment Policy Certification, Debt Policy Certification, Disaster Preparedness Policy Certification, and Cash Handling Policy Certification.

  • Professional Accreditation Committee:
    Chair: Tricia Wiggle-Bazzy 
    Sub-Committee: Certified Public Funds Administrator (CPFA/ACPFA) Accreditation, Certified Public Funds Investment Manager (CPFIM/ACPFIM) Accreditation, and Cash Handling Accreditation.

  • Publications and Manuals Committee:
    Chair: Michael Pettigrew
    Sub-Committees: Cash Flow Forecasting Manual, Debt Policy Manual, Disaster Preparedness Manual, Cash Handling Manual, Internal Controls Manual, Fraud Manual, Revenue Collections Manual, and New Publication or Manual Committee.

To apply, complete and submit the following form.