The 46th Annual Conference held at the Renaissance Hotel and Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma was a very educational and successful networking experience. Almost 200 people attended and experienced a strong line-up of speakers who dealt with topics in the area of Investment Management, Cash Management, Debt Management, and Information Technology.

Don’t forget to check-out the photo gallery of the conference. You will see some great pictures including the fun networking opportunities. These included the New Member’s Welcome Reception, sponsored by the Huntington Investment Company and MAS Advisory Services, “An Evening in the Sky” Sunday night event, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase, “An Evening of Oklahoma Wonders” Monday night event, sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, “An Evening in Memory” Tuesday night event, sponsored by OAPT, OMCTFOA, and GFOAO, the President’s Reception, sponsored by Multi-Bank Securities, Inc., and the Installation Banquet, sponsored by Castle Oak Securities and Wright Investors’ Service. We’d also like to thank Multi-Bank Securities, Inc. and MorganStanely SmithBarney for hosting the Hospitality Suite on Monday and Tuesday night.

The Oklahoma Association of Public Treasurers (OAPT), Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, Finance Officers Association (OMCTFOA), and Government Finance Officers Association of Oklahoma (GFOAO) deserve a special thank you for assisting APT US&C and welcoming our international members to the great state of Oklahoma! During the conference, attendees were treated wonderfully and had nothing but positive feedback on the great city.

The conference was made possible because of the support of our partners, team members, and exhibitors. APT US&C would like to extend a special thank you to all of the partners, team members, and exhibitors of the Annual Conference.

PLATIUNM ($7,500 +)

Multi-Bank Securities, Inc.

GOLD ($5,000 - $7,000)

JP Morgan Chase
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Wells Fargo

SILVER ($3,000 - $4,000) 

Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.
MorganStanley SmithBarney
Wright Investors’ Service
FTN Financial
Floyd Law Firm, P.C.
Castle Oak Securities
Union Bank

BRONZE ($2,500 +)

 Oklahoma Municipal Assurance Group (OMAG)
Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP
IPS Group
PFM Asset Management LLC
Official Payments Corporation
Municipal Finance Services, Inc.
Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Cutwater Asset Management


Arbitrage Compliance Specialists, Inc.
WAUSAU Financial Systems
System Innovators
Huntington Investment Company
Oklahoma Association of Public Treasurers (OAPT)
Oklahoma Municipal Clerks, Treasurers, and Finance Officers Association (OMCTFOA)
Government Finance Officers Association of Oklahoma (GFOAO)
Rice Financial
Oklahoma Municipal Retirement Fund
Fifth Third Bank
Loop Capital
Coastal Securities, Inc.
SpiritFinancial Insurance & Wealth Management Employee Benefits Division
Cole & Reed, P.C.
SMCTerminus Group
BBVA Compass
MAS Advisory Services
Gray & Company
Cantor Fitzgerald



Deborah Jeanne Hymer
Annette M. Landers
Fred William Marsh
James Michael Jewell
Jane A. Price
Zoila Gomez
Tricia Ingrassia
Susan Lewis
Suzanne M. Gillet
Joan Rattray
Stephanie S. Carmichael
Margaret V. Birch
Gina Olszewski
Debra K. Blanchard
Irene M. Antoniewicz
Jan Neufield
Traci L. Snyder
Michael Pettigrew
Irv M. Lowenberg
Douglas Drysdale
Teresa McWilliams


Michael E. Engel
Karen Bezzart
Marie A. Sherry
Lauri Kay TenEyck-Rupp
Katherine Ann Oehring
Susan J. Arnold
Teresa Marie Spohn
Molly P. Roberts
Rhonda Sue Sommers
Marie Kirk Owens
Matthew L. Storbeck
Teresa Ann Cischke
Karen Lynn Hebert
Barbara J. Green
Linda J. Youngdell
Sharon Dolmetsch
I. Salvatore Talarico
Patricia S. Kusel/Shelite
Kent Rock
Lillian Patricia Morrow
Agnes A. Fowler
Dianne M. Burnett
Bonnie Mae Manicke
Ronald J. Tobey
Patricia A. Shively
Deborah Jan Ellenwood
Tumiko Rucker
Rand D. Bowman
Korina L. Tucker
Shelly Enderud
Susan Lynn Gross
Peggy R. Crim
Judith Rhodes
James O. Langfelder
Jolene Jackson
Nanci Lien


Douglas Arthur Merriman


 James Absher
 Margaret Birch
 Wendy Bonzo
Jennifer Brown
Dana Carson
Laurae Clark
Gavin Cohen
Marvin Dahlberg
Maria Enriquez-Caldera
Jason Greene
Margie Grimes
Stephanie Jackson
Mary Kovalchik
Douglas Merriman
Margaret Moggia
Stephanie O'Cain
Elaine Openshaw
Monica Satterwhite
Michael Swan
Jason Vandever
Shanna K. Ramzinski
Karen M. Brooks
Kenneth Blocker
Donna Cooley
Dawn Barnwell
Karen Ann Coffman
Tammy E. Clayton
Jeri Moore Benjamin
Annette Landers
Annette Geissman
Jill Lucidi
Deborah Merrick
James Nicholson
Patricia Shively
Kacey Waggaman
Steve Cleaves
John Elam
Tawana Keels
Robert Laffery
Kristen Martin
John Moss
Dana Pinkert
Kevin Smith
Laura Starosta
Janette Smith
Philip John Borozny
Kristopher S. Shoemaker
Blake K. Rane
Derek Hansel
Aldwyn Thomas
JP Murphy
Elizabeth Anne Walter
Edward Woods
Laura Thezine
Daniel Anthony Tripaldi
Gerard Anthony Pirri
Nancy Woods
Kelly Korte
Jennifer Snelten
Mary Salinske
Gloria Osborn
Myron Salmon
Michael Lamz
Carla Clark
Melinda Zoeckler
Deborah Gergits
Barbara Beshears
Ronald Vander Band
Zoila Gomez
Janet Goehst
Peggy Crim
Penny Toppel
Marlene Blocker
James Wolf
Clint Lichtenwalter
Bettina Teitz-O'Connell
Ken Herdeman
Karyn Rios
Kim Denise Tosh
Cynthia Roth
Linda Buss
Mary Oslanzi
Brenda Sullivan
Linda Bugielski
Jennifer Menz
Kenneth Robinson
Rhonda Stewart
Brad Bettenhausen
Gail Valle
Shari Grim
Deb Zimmerman
Bonnie Drew
Xavier Whitford
Deborah Vernon
Susan Chen-Full
Jerry Allan Trujillo
Ivan M. Chand
Valerie L. Pryor
Zara R. Greenlaw
Norma Coronado
Denise Willis
William Lucien Smith
Jordan A. Kaufman
Jolynda Reyes
Debra Lynne Lambrix
Daniel Thomas Frisch
Helena V. Napper
Steve Paul Shanafelt


City of Sunnyvale, California
City of Wichita, Kansas
City of Laguna Beach, California
City of South Lake Tahoe, California
City of North Bend, Washington
Town of Fountain Hills, Arizona
City of Santa Clarita, California
City of Torrance, California
City of Mesquite, Texas


San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, California